Help us spread Free WiFi,
everywhere please.

Free WiFi Los Lunas is an initiative of Lokket Inc. and Los Lunas Schools. It’s our mission to bring equitable access to the Internet to as many people in our community as we can reach.
We believe that universal, secure, fair access to high-speed internet that doesn't track you and sell your browsing history is critical to our shared vision of a healthy, safe and prosperous community.
A connected community will help support local economies, provide access to learning and help connect residents and guests with local services.


Featured Locations.


Valencia High School

Valencia High School is a beacon for students striving at educating, equipping, and empowering all students in an environment of high expectations and mutual respect.

Desert View Elementary

Great things continue to happen at Desert View Elementary to ensure ALL are empowered to pursue their dreams.

How it works.


Beaming the internet into your home.

Our internet Points of Distribution (PoD) beam out the internet so that a receiver antenna at your place can access it.

The link between your home antenna and our PoD is a secure encrypted link and functions the same way cable or fibre does, but there is no need to dig up streets.

You can connect to us from anywhere in range of one of our PoDs, house, apartment, mobile home, boat and even a tent if you have a power source.

Let's be clear.
We don't sell your data.


We're not creepy. It's simple, your browsing history is your business.

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    Aiming to be a carbon neutral certified provider.

    Major change starts with us.

    Whether in isolation or not, we’re all perpetrators, but major change first starts with the big guys. Our EnergiPlant provides renewable power to our equipment as well as a charging station for your and comfy seats.


How do I get some Free WiFi Los Lunas in my area?

We don't blame you for wanting some Free WiFi Los Lunas in your area. Please submit a request form with your details and one of friendly staff will reach out to you,

If you're a local business, apartment complex or anyone wanting to support this great community initiative by providing us access to your roof, we'd love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I use it at home or work?

    Feel free to use the service anywhere you can, just don't get in trouble from the boss.

  • Where can I connect?

    We are currently rolling out testing out the service in the hope it will be rolled out throughout Spokane. Keep checking our website for updates.

  • How are you doing this?

    We are working with like minded community partners to develop a self-sustaining free WiFi network that helps all residents and visitors.

  • How fast is the connection?

    Our family friendly Free WiFi service is fast with no data, time or usage caps.

  • Are there restrictions?

    Yes, in order to protect sensitive users we do our best to filter inappropriate content on Free WiFi Spokane. The service also restricts some high bandwidth applications such as streaming services in order to grant fair access to everyone.

  • Is it safe?

    We do everything we can to protect you, however like all things on the Internet its hard to provide a guarantee so we recommend these steps to help you stay safe online.

We Support Privacy &
Net Neutrality

We love Internet, we love your privacy and do all we can to protect it. We don't keep track of your browsing, we don't track your device. We don't prioritize content and we don't have download limits.

Our Privacy Policy and our
Net Neutrality Statement